Team Rally

In 2010, ‘Team Rally’ cars, along with ‘Team Single Seater’, Team GT’ and Team Endurance’ cars, were developed in-house at Hornby Hobbies at Westwood, Margate, originally for the ill-fated ‘START’ range of sets. They are of a basic but very robust design with simple a chassis with standard axles, guide and in-line motor. The body is one-piece with a separate rear wing and black glass is fitted as there is no interior. Available as solo and set cars, they were supplied with sticker sheets for the owner to decorate the car to their liking.
The cars survived the ‘START’ system that had a non-standard track system and was incompatible with regular Scalextric track. Although track converter adapters were produced, the ‘START’ system was removed from the range. Additions were made to the standard track system whereby simpler layouts could be produced with less track pieces thereby reducing cost. The ‘START’ cars remained as good, rugged models ideal for beginners to the hobby..
In 2022, C4302 was released with full tampo-printing applied instead of a sticker sheet.