Scalextric – The Ultimate Guide 9th Edition, Volume 3 – Europe Russia Scandinavia – NOW AVAILABLE!

The 3rd volume of ‘Scalextric-The Ultimate Guide 9th Edition’ has now been released. This volume covers all products produced specifically in or for these geographical regions. This includes output from the Scalextric factories in France, the products produced under licence from Russia and Germany as well as complete listings for all the products.

Already released are:

Volume 1 – That Initial Spark – AVAILABLE NOW

Volume 2 – Scalextric in Argentina, Australia & New Zealand, Canada and USA – AVAILABLE NOW

and now…
Volume 3 – Europe Russia Scandinavia – AVAILABLE NOW

Volumes 4 to 10 will be released throughout the rest of this year.

Check the page for an expected Index of contents for all ten volumes here at homepage where there is also the link to go to the online website to purchase a book.

The Scalextric Ultimate Guide book series can be purchased online, immediately and posted to your chosen address.
Purchase here:

Images of Scalextric – The Ultimate Guide 9h Edition, Volume 3 – Europe Russia Scandinavia