Please refer to the book “SCALEXTRIC – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE” latest Edition for full details. Buy the book HERE.

The small Superstox range of 4 liveries could be mistaken as being just that but on careful inspection there are two different chassis and two different guide blade assemblies.
The chassis had a modification to the front and rear crash bars amending a simple angled-loop to a adopt a centre vertica strut to strenthen the bar. It is most likely that the extra vertical bar on the crash bars came about after the original production run of Sets, ‘Banger Raceway’, may have had many returns back to the factory.
The amendment to the 360 guide blade mechanism is more of a mystery. If the amendment was to make it easier to work or maintain then mission not-accomplished! If you had the need to re-assemble the mechanism, it is not much fun and you might well have given up!
There are also a handful of pre-production rejected liveries to be found. Four versions are shown here.