Mini Cooper

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C76 Mini Cooper – Produced from 1965 to 1968 – Front-wheel drive.
Main features: Driven front axle, sump guard, small wheels and tyres. RX motor mounted on driver pan.

C7 Mini Cooper. Produced from1968 to 1971.
Main features: RX motor mounted on driver pan.

C7 Mini Cooper. Produced in the 1970s with new body and driver-pan tooling.
Main features: Johnson motor mounted on driver pan. Wheel arches and wider wheel and tyres as used on the front axle of cars throughout the range for the next 30 years.
Also produced in the factory at Calais, France but fitted with different wheels, tyres and driver.

French 090007 (C7, type 7)

Spanish C45 – 4045
Produced in Spain in the 1970s by Exin Scalextric

Mexican C45 – 5545
Produced in Mexico in the 1970s, based on the Exin Scalextric Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper – using the tooling, with some modifications, of the C7 model produced in the 1970s. Produced between 1992 and 1999.
Main features: Now with individual ‘C’ reference numbers. Mabuchi-S can fitted to driver-pan. Some later models fitted with clip-on magnet holder and magnet.

Mini Cooper produced since 2007 with all new production moulding tools.
Main features: Higher level of detailing. Full driver figure, working lights, slim can FF motor.

A new Mini, the Mini Miglia, was introduced in 2023.