Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 model can be found in more unofficial variations than there are official releases!




Note the blue version of the C483 XJ220, NOT RELEASED, featured on catalogue 35 and identified by the missing lower part of the letter ‘J’ on the nose of the car. This damage was made before the photographer (and perhaps by the photographer!) captured the image for the catalogue’s front cover! The mistake wasn’t picked up in quality checks and went in to print. Then the colour of the car was subsequently changed to green!





C2137, C2228, C2323, C2324, C2330,


The only official Scalextric produced in Spain was produced by the Spanish company,  now privately owned, which was once owned by Tri-Ang but was sold to a group of Spanish investors and ex-management from the Tri-Ang Scalextric factory in Madrid.

In 1995 it became legally required of Hornby Hobbies Ltd to only export Scalextric product to Spain branded as SUPERSLOT. HISINSA was set up as the official distributor of Superslot products in Spain.
In 1997, to celebrate HISINSA’s 30th anniversary in Spain, a Jaguar XJ220 was chosen as the model on to which HISINSA’s name and logos were tampo-printed. The model, H2024, commissioned by HISINSA, was offered to their account holders/traders. Two versions were offered. A blue ’30th’ logo livery (1000 pieces) was offered to the majority of account holders and a gold livery version (500 pieces) was offered to preferred account holders.
When HISINSA’s premises was vacated, various samples and a remaining stock of models was found. In 2017, a quantity of 120 surviving cars were relabelled as ’50th Anniversary’ models as a private venture. These, of course, are categorised as Code 3 models, being decorated professionally but not by the Scalextric factory.