Fiat, in Scalextric terms, has always been of interest mainly in regard to the smaller cars.

CFTC 600 was the first model made in Spain and always had a chassis of the same colour as the body which was primarily issued in red, white, light green, and blue. This was the first car designed and made in Spain which is one of the reasons why it is a favourite of many collectors. The later C31 TC600  has a black underpan and was available in the same colours as above plus a grey version. This grey version was never available with grey underpan.
For the UK, the C99 Fiat TV600’s were imported from Spain and were only available in red and white, with black chassis and were stickered as “race tuned”.
In France the Fiat Abarth was released whilst the brand was evolving under the new ownership of Meccano France.

C99 Fiat & Seat TC 600 – Made in Spain – Sold in UK

C31 Fiat & Seat TC 600 – Made in Spain

5531 Fiat & Seat TC 600 – Made in Mexico

C42 Fiat or Seat 850 – Made in Spain

5542 Fiat or Seat 850 – Made in Mexico

Fiat 500 Cinquecento – Scalextric UK

Fiat 131 Abarth Rallye – Meccano Scalextric, made in France