Ferrari 330 P3, P3/412P & 330 P4

The real cars:
1967 saw the production of the mid-engine 330 P4, a V12 endurance car intended to replace the previous year’s 330 P3. Only four Ferrari P4 cars were made: three new 330 P4s and one ex P3 chassis (0846). The P3 won the 1000 km Monza in 1966, and the P4 won the same race in 1967. Two P4s, and one 412 P crossed the finish line together (in first 0846, second 0856, and third place 0844) in the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona, for a photo finish to counter Ford’s photo of the Ford GT40 MkII crossing the finish line together First, Second, and Third at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Since then, the fate of these four cars has been the subject of much attention! Bear in mind that the Ferrari chassis of each car migrated to a further development. Some cars were crashed and written-off and most were evolved from 330 P3 cars though to 412P and finally P4 cars. 

 The UK Scalextric models are primarily based upon the P4 cars but some models represent the 412P cars which were adapted by Ferrari from the P3 car for privateer teams and the Can-Am race series whilst Scalextric Exin, Spain manufactured the Ferrari 330 Spyder which related to the real 330 car (chassis 858) which was converted by Ferrari to a 330 Spyder. Scalextric Exin refer to the Ferrari as a ‘330 GT’ and was sold in Spain and Mexico. Note that the real cars were constantly undergoing development and the chassis numbers only refer to the chassis and not the mounted body. Research will show that the body tops altered season by season. Some cars were even returned to previous evolutions.

The origins of the Scalextric cars are, fortunately, easier to identify than the real cars! The 1969 P4 was produced in the UK and in France. The UK colour was always red often in different shades but primarily red, light red and dark red is sufficient to classify the variants. In France, however, blue and yellow were available as well as red. The interiors were black for the UK models but black or white for the French produced versions. As was usual for French Scalextric cars, the wheel hubs are chromed on the inner and outer faces, had French driver heads.

Ferrari P4 – Produced from 1969 by Scalextric UK

Ferrari P4 – Made in France from 1969 at the factory at Calais

Ferrari 330 P3 Spyder – Made by Scalextric Exin, Spain from 1972 and marketed as a Ferrari 330 GT.

Ferrari 330 P3 Spyder – Made by Scalextric Exin-Mex, Mexico from 1972 and marketed as a Ferrari 330 GT.

Ferrari 330 P4 – Manufactured by Scalextric UK (Hornby Hobbies) from 2005.

Ferrari 330 412P – Manufactured by Scalextric UK (Hornby Hobbies) from 2019.