And finally… Volume 10 of ‘Scalextric The Ultimate Guide’ is now available!

Volume 10 is here! The final volume of Scalextric The Ultimate Guide Edition 9 is now available (link to purchase). This A4 volume lists every piece of Scalextric product that I, and many contributors, have found amounting to approximately 15,000 items. Purely a reference work, there are thirteen sections covering cars, presentation packs, racing packs, Scalex and Startex, car parts, race sets, buildings and accessories, power & control, track, borders and barriers, ephemera and, finally, printed matter. Over 600 pages, the book is a huge 50mm thick – as large as the entire Edition 8 book!

Chapter 1 is a simple list of all cars ordered by the main reference numbers and includes everything from the early tinplate models to the latest cars up to the end of 2021. In addition to UK built models, also included are the models made in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain and other countries. The Spanish cars listed are only those made under the Exin ownership.

Chapter 2 has 12 sections listing all cars, buildings, track, etc., in detail where all, say, Ferrari F40 cars or Control Towers, can be compared in their respective groupings.

Warning! There are a few colour pictures of Scalextric cars but please be aware that this volume is purely a reference listing of everything that Scalextric made for the retail market. It is intended to appeal to the Scalextric collector who needs to know every detail.

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