Hey! Volumes 8 and 9 of the Scalextric Ultimate Guide Edition 9 book are here.

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Volume 8 and 9 are the two gallery books containing images of all the officially produced cars by Scalextric, With over 450 pages in each book, the number of images is truly thorough. The two books cover all types of vehicles from Cobra to Wolfs, from Bugs to Mustangs, Stingrays and Horses to Turtles – and he book has nothing to do with animals! – purely Scalextric model racing cars!

The two gallery books also cover Presentation Packs and Racing Packs and are also adorned with the amazing images from Hub Habets and Dave Hannaway who are both experts at scenic modelling and photography.

The final book, Volume 10, containing complete listings of all Scalextric products, will arrive during March.

Here are some images of the pages within Volume 8…

… and Volume 9 images…