Scalextric Ultimate Guide Edition 9 – Volume 6 and 7

Good News! Volumes 6 and Volume 7 are both completed and awaiting approval. Hopefully, these will be published in November.

Volume 6 has been more interesting than I thought and I hope will appeal to the serious collector. The books contains a comprehensive gallery of many of the special cars Scalextric made since the 1960’s until today. Many cars and decorations will not be known to most collectors but you can now read about and see images of them in the book. In addition to cars, there is a good history of official Scalextric championships and World Records. There is also much about fantastic club and home tracks, the Scalextric Club, Hornby Visitor Centre and VIPS with Scalextric.

Volume 7 is all about the Accessories! Buildings, figures, track, borders and a whole lotta stuff you may have wondered about and always wondered why!

More to follow in a week or so….

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