Volume 5, “Scalextric – In Print” coming soon!

Due in the next week or so, Volume 5 of the “Scalextric – The Ultimate Guide – In Print” series. The volume is the biggest yet with a massive 437 pages covering anything that Scalextric printed from annual catalogues, product leaflets, service sheets, general instructions, price lists, parts lists, trade adverts, points of sale materials, mugs, pens, mats, flags, hanging signs, decal sheets, merchandising, track plans booklets, jig-saws, mouse mats, memory sticks. Well, if it had Scalextric printed on it then this is where you’ll find many of these very collectible items!
This is the fifth volume as indicated with the number 5 and the fifth letter of the word Scalextric, ‘E’ printed on the spine. It is available in all three formats of paperback (PB), Hardback (HB) and De-Luxe (DL). PB and HB are printed in normal colour printing on 60gsm paper but DL is high quality gloss colour printing thicker 80gsm paper. The DL version is easily recognisable by the red and white track border across the bottom of the front and rear covers.

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