Scalextric Ultimate Guide Ed9, Vol 4 – Spain, Mexico, Exin and Superslot NOW AVAILABLE !

It’s a massive volume and has taken a long time to write but it is finally here! 425 pages all about Scalextric as produced in Spain and Mexico plus, and never before written about, Scalextric Superslot products.
The time period covers 1961 to 2021 and follows the original Scalextric DNA from Tri-ang Lines Bros, Exin-Lines, Exin and Exin Mex finally returning to Superslot to carry on the lineage.
The book is Volume 4, the letter ‘L’ of the volumes spelling out SCALEXTRIC on their spines. They are available in paperback (PB), hardback (HB) and deluxe (DL) for the glossy version. Postal costs are minimal.
To purchase, go to and search for ‘Scalextric’

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