Coming soon – Edition 9 in 10 volumes!

The Ultimate Guide book comprises ten volumes that, together, cover many aspects of the history and current products of an iconic British toy. Initially a toy, Scalextric grew into so much more. It quickly became a hobby pastime for young and old whether for casual racing and modelling at home or worldwide championships across many countries. The popularity was such that the records show Scalextric has been made in twelve or more countries in its sixty year history.

The volumes are A4 size and have a page number range of 250 to 350 pages in full high quality cover on premium paper in a hardback printed cover. The spine of each volume includes a single prominent letter, which, when all books are stacked side by side spell out the name of Scalextric. The volumes are also available in a standard colour quality both in paperback or hardback A4 formats.

Because of the huge subject range coupled with global interest the volumes have been divided into regional topics as well as product types. For example, there is a volume dedicated to Scalextric made in Argentina, Australia & New Zealand, Canada and USA where Scalextric was manufactured in these countries. Another volume is written for those Scalextric fans interested in Spanish and Mexican produced Scalextric and another volume covers European products.

Of course, the obvious breakdown of subject matter is by sets, cars and accessories produced over the decades and, of course, this covers an extensive amount of items. So much so, that two volumes cover the cars made from all countries. Cars are undoubtedly the most collected major theme of Scalextric and rightly, a considerable number of pages are dedicated to this aspect of the hobby.
Buildings, track and accessories are covered thoroughly in a separate volume.

The volumes also cover facets of the hobby not previously covered in detail in the eight previous editions of this series. The book, now in its 40th year, has expanded from the 1st edition book or 250 pages to more than a massive 3000 pages! The separate volumes now include colour images of almost all the products and, additionally, cover subject matter in detail. These additional chapters include, in more detail, the inventor of Scalextric, Fred Francis, competitions, events, roadshows, layouts and track plans, product information files, service sheets, catalogues, advertisements and other collectable material such as point of sale items, badges, pens, cups, T-shirts, leaflets, stickers and other promotional items.

The volumes also contain Feature articles on various product lines and ‘Did You Know’ bitesize pop-outs that might be of some surprise to many readers. Catalogues are also covered and their pages make an interesting reflection on the social aspect as well as marketing trends. The artwork from the late 1950s through to today’s digitally created material reveals much about how Scalextric is regarded.

Almost every aspect has been covered, whether it is about very basic electric tinplate cars of the 1950s to the latest highly detailed cars or from the simple on/off power button introduced in 1957 to the technical innovations evolving to a point where a car can now be raced using an App as the ‘hand controller’!

More information about this book and its contents is available at where an extensive image library is available to help identify vehicles and includes Code 3 product (items further decorated or altered post-production) and items made outside of the normal advertised ranges.

Many miles have passed under the 1/32nd scale wheels since 1957 and before the journey or race ends this book attempts to capture every aspects that might interest the home racers, the club racers and the collectors all of whom keep this hobby alive.

Happy reading!

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