124 Giants walk among us!

Giants walk among us – 1/24th scale SCALEXTRIC


In the world of regular SCALEXTRIC the scale is 1/32 but the American market and some clubs favoured the larger 1/24th scale already catered for by other manufacturers. Scalextric entered this rather specialist field in 1968 with a basic three-lane system and a range of six superbly modelled and detailed cars – the system was called SUPER 124. The accessory range included figures; three standing pit crew and three standing drivers. The figure accessories were labelled as SCALEXTRIC SUPER 124 RACEWAY FIGURES.

The cars themselves were little masterpieces, being extremely well made and engineered. Attention to detail on the open wheel Ferrari and Lotus racing cars included an instrument panel, removable driver, and elaborate suspension and engine detail. The figures, too, were also little masterpieces. The three driver figures and three mechanics were set in convincing poses and fully painted. The drivers were mounted in a card box with cellophane window with a decorated pit-lane inlay card.

Figure set 24F400: The driver with the green helmet in hand and goggles around his neck appears to wave to the crowd, the blue driver is about to jump in to his car whilst the red driver sprints to his car.

Figure set 24F401: The mechanics are all kitted-out in yellow caps. The mechanics are attending to their duties in a more general sense. Both mechanics and drivers are very nicely modelled and it’s a shame more figures weren’t added to the SUPER 124 range.

The cost of the Sets and individual 124 cars were expensive, about double that of standard 1/32nd range. The amount of space needed for even a small layout, meant that the 124 system was really only suitable for clubs. Also by the late 1960’s, the tremendous initial growth in slot car racing had passed its peak. Altogether this meant that Super 124 was destined never to succeed, and production ceased in 1970 after only three years.

Reference: Scalextric Ultimate Guide, 8th Edition,
If you believe you have a yet unrecorded variant and seek confirmation of its authenticity, please contact me at slotcarportal.com.

“Scalextric – The Ultimate Guide 8th Edition” book, with over 700 pages, is available from the Internet.

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