Scalextric Ultimate Guide Books

Scalextric Ultimate Guide book series can be purchased here:

Total width of the ten paperback volumes is 24cm and 31cm for the DeLuxe version. Expandable book-ends are a practical solution and ideal if you don’t need all ten volumes.

The Scalextric Ultimate Guide Edition 9 series comprises 10 volumes each available in:
PB – standard colour printing in paperback
HB – standard colour printing in hardback
DL – rich photographic-quality de Luxe hardback if you want something a little more special.

The spine of each book bears a letter of the word Scalextric. For example, Volume 1 has the letter ‘S’ and volume 2 has the letter ‘C’, etc. The volumes are A4 size and typically weigh 1 to 1.5 kgs. Books may have a typical page count of 250 to 350 pages.

The volumes are organised in a particular way to allow the reader to select their topic of interest in one book or, perhaps, two or three books. If your interest is in Scalextric cars and race sets released in Australia since the beginning up until 2020 then Volume 2 is for you!

Vol   Ch.  Title & Contents

1 S THAT INITIAL SPARK – when electricity and plastic evolved model car racing AVAILABLE NOW
1The Tin Age, Development, Tinplate Cars and Sets, The Plastic Age
 3Tinplate Scalextric Cars and Sets
 4Plastic Scalextric Cars — The first 40 years
 5Sets in the UK
2 C AROUND THE WORLD – Argentina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA AVAILABLE NOW
1Introduction and History
 2SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, ARGENTINA
 3SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND
 4SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, CANADA and USA
3 A AROUND THE WORLD – Europe, Russia and Scandinavia AVAILABLE NOW
1Introduction and History
 2SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, FRANCE
 3SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, GERMANY
 4SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for EUROPE
 5SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, RUSSIA
 6SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, SCANDINAVIA
4 L AROUND THE WORLD – Spain and Mexico, Exin and Superslot AVAILABLE NOW
1Introduction and History
 2SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, SPAIN
 3SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, MEXICO
5 E Scalextric In Print AVAILABLE NOW
1Generating the excitement
 2The Bulletins
 3-5Catalogues of the Tri-ang, Rovex and Hornby Hobbies eras
 6-9Range Leaflets, Flyers, Posters, Stickers, Point of Sale, Licensed products, Ephemera
 5Service Sheets, Track Plans, Price Lists
6 X Special Models, Events & Competitions AVAILABLE NOW
1Competition and event models
 2Trade exclusive models
 3Code 3 models
 4Livery and decoration : tests and rejects
 5Scalextric competitions and roadshows
 6Club racing
 7Home racing and scenic modelling
 8Special events and records
7 T Track and Trackside Accessories AVAILABLE NOW
1Track and Trackside Accessories
 2Standard Track
  FEATURE – Race Management
 3Specialist Track
 4Trackside Accessories
  FEATURE – Super 124 system
 6Track plans – Famous Circuits Around The World – Analogue and Digital
8 R Scalextric Cars – A to L AVAILABLE NOW
1Film, TV and fiction
 5/6Gallery and Listings – A to L
9 I Scalextric Cars – M to Z AVAILABLE NOW
1Presentation Box Sets
 3Super 124
 5You Steer
 6/7Gallery and Listings – M to Z
10 C Product Listing – Chronologically and Numerically AVAILABLE NOW
1Listings – every item by year
 2Listings – every item by reference number
Please note that Chapter titles and content may change

Beginning late April 2021, volumes 1 and 2 will be immediately available and then each remaining volume will be released monthly. The books can be purchased online with delivery to your door or at UK Scalextric swapmeets where they can be purchased and taken away by hand.

What is the Scalextric Ultimate Guide book series?
The purpose of this series of books is to record everything ever made by Scalextric in all of its production facilities around the world to preserve the history of this ground-breaking toy and hobby that has been a part of so many peoples lives, young and old, since the 1950s and continuing to do so today.
In the 60+ years of Scalextric since 1957 there have been over one-thousand race sets produced, over five-thousand model cars and hundreds of items of track, buildings, catalogues and accessories. Scalextric has been manufactured in thirteen countries. The various owners of Scalextric only kept records of current production plus a reasonable back catalogue of spare parts and documents for the purpose of servicing customer’s needs. Commercially, it was untenable for the owners to maintain a record of every product made. This book serves to ensure that the history is recorded for posterity.

Who needs a Scalextric Ultimate Guide book?
Anyone interested in the history of Scalextric or anyone intending to collect Scalextric models will benefit from the latest books. Many collectors choose a theme. For instance, collecting only yellow cars, or cars produced from 2000 onwards, or only Limited Editions are common. Some collect just catalogues, buildings, Ford or Aston Martin cars whilst other collectors find only cars made in France or Australia a fascinating theme. Other themes include pre-productions samples, Code 3 models, models 1-100 or models only from the 1960s or even pre-1960s, and, of course, EVERYTHING!
With the substantial worldwide growth of the community of Scalextric collectors fed by a huge back catalogue of Scalextric items and the targeted marketing campaign by Scalextric (Hornby Hobbies) at the collector market it has become increasingly necessary to update this series of books with the latest products as well as previously undiscovered items of interest.

When is the Scalextric Ultimate Guide book required?
As a collector, it is better to plan ahead by understanding what options there are and how many items there are needed to complete the collection. Having a copy of this book from the beginning will help any collector to achieve their goal.

Why would a collector need the Scalextric Ultimate Guide books?
Many collectors begin collecting before consciously realising that they have started! Perhaps, all it required was a Scalextric set and a few extra cars to race, then a few more…!
Many models are often very similar in decoration For example, a Ford Escort XR3i might have a simple roof decoration change, a recent production Vanwall, although all are green, may have a different racing number. It can be very difficult to recall actually which model is in the collection and collecting the sister team car may be the collector’s goal.
For collectors who don’t have a photographic memory, when attending a Scalextric swap meet or toy fair it can be difficult to recall whether a model spotted on a traders stall has already been collected. This is also true when spotting an item in a shop window or internet auction. Has the model already been collected? Does it need to be purchased? Having a copy of the book with its useful ‘tick boxes’ against each item is a great help.

The Scalextric guide books were started by Roger Gillham with the first book published in 1981 and then jointly by Roger Gillham and Adrian Norman. With Roger’s retirement in 2015, Adrian Norman took on the sole responsibility of continuing the Scalextric guide books.

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Web: is the supporting website for the Scalextric Ultimate Guide book series and past editions. Please use the website to ask questions and seek information. The website has an extensive range of photographs of nearly all Scalextric models and is ideal for image references.